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Annemarie Ambrosoli is an artist who has been able to develop her creativity concretely. Since she was a child she cultivated the desire to become a designer artist. She has a consolidated artistic career and regularly participates in art fairs at international level. Her design can be applied in different contexts. Annemarie Ambrosoli paints original stylized characters reminiscent of daily life moments and in every work is enclosed a story. The result of her design is an aesthetic that appears immediately recognizable, original, serene and joyful

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Interview with Annemarie Ambrosoli

Could you please tell us more about your art and design background? What made you become an artist/designer? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
Great importance have had my stays in Lombardy, South Tyrol and Austria. My artistic training began very young in the artist studio of my uncle, M° Ercole Frigoli, painter, who taught me the technique of oil painting. Later I deepened the various artistic techniques attending drawing courses and courses at the Summer Academy of Bruneck under the guidance of Professors Claus Pack (section "landscape") and Reinhard Adlmannseder (section "nude, portrait and figure). After many years of working "en plain air" on the landscape, my desire was to change to achieve something more imaginative and original, no longer tied to the landscape. I had a strong need to change and after a year of my decision to change my way of expressing myself, these geometric, sympathetic, joyful figures were born and give a feeling of tranquility and positivity. Finally I was able to create something truly mine, no longer linked to the vision and interpretation of the landscape, but to an inner feeling. The figures are stylized, but looking at them in profile, the mouth is half open and as it is drawn, it seems that these figures have a dialogue between each other. This is what I want to convey: dialogue. The figures are put in profile or even are seen from behind. The hairstyles that I paint are very imaginative, unreal, but I am very excited to create them. The earrings are invented and have many colors. The figures have their own soul and are not static
Can you tell us more about your company / design studio?
I am a professional artist passionate about my work. I work in the art sector from a very young age and professional level since 2008. I exhibit at international art fairs and in my studio I create my works of art. My goal is to guarantee quality works of art
What is "design" for you?
Design is innovation, functionality and originality of the studied object but at the same time creativity
What is your most favorite design, could you please tell more about it?
One of my favorite works is a watercolor entitled "Amazing". The three painted figures give the idea of being very amused by something they are looking at and from the expression of their mouths we can think they are muttering something. The watercolor paints are fantastic, transparent and perfect as a whole. Note the pencil, but these signs are important, the lines give strength to the drawing. Complementary colors give strength to the whole scene
What is your favorite material / platform / technology?
Currently in my paintings there is no technology, because it is a manual work using pencil, brushes and spatulas on canvas or paper
When do you feel the most creative?
I feel more creative, when I repose in the evening and I start thinking. On that occasion I have very good ideas that can be realized later during the day
Which aspects of a design do you focus more during designing?
Surely the design with pencil must be perfect, because on this basis then I start to paint and above all I must have good in mind what colors I want to use
What kind of emotions do you feel when you design?
While drawing I have a great concentration, the music relaxes me and I feel quiet
What kind of emotions do you feel when your designs are realized?
Achieving the purpose of creating an original work of art, as I imagine it, is a great satisfaction and I feel good, happy and positive throughout the day
What makes a design successful?
In my work as an artist I put all my efforts, my passion, my imagination and my imagination. I like to create order in my works and that they are pleasant and give the viewer of the work a message, an emotion
When judging a design as good or bad, which aspects do you consider first?
The aspects that I consider in my works of art to have works of excellent quality, are the originality, the aesthetics, the order in the composition and the color
From your point of view, what are the responsibilities of a designer for society and environment?
From my point of view the responsibility of the designer towards society and the environment lies in the creation of objects thinking about the general well-being and creating a continuous cycle of reuse of the materials already used, reducing the production of waste
How do you think the "design field" is evolving? What is the future of design?
I think that, as in all categories, there must also be a change in design, due to factors such as the environment and the changing society. It will therefore be necessary to overcome the concept of sustainable design by thinking of creating unique pieces, limited series and reusing renewable resources and materials
When was your last exhibition and where was it? And when do you want to hold your next exhibition?
My last exhibition was in Hong Kong at the Asia Contemporary Art Show last year and the next exhibition will be in September this year in Dubai at The Hotel Show - Middle East Design and Hospitality week
Where does the design inspiration for your works come from? How do you feed your creativity? What are your sources of inspirations?
My inspiration is in my mind. I really like looking at the masters of the past, both for the composition of their works and for the use of color and being able to get into their work to understand what their thinking was and what emotion they wanted to convey
How would you describe your design style? What made you explore more this style and what are the main characteristics of your style? What's your approach to design?
My works of art are hand painted in various techniques. I like to study a simplified, stylized composition with light backgrounds, where my figures emerge, usually in profile or seen from behind. The color is flat, without shadows, varying the color tones to make the composition more interesting. My works of art are unique and unrepeatable and hand-painted creations without the use of technology or other means. I like to decorate my figures with hats, earrings and original hairstyles. The end result is a pleasant work that tells a moment of life
Can you talk a little about your design process?
The design of my artworks requires inventiveness. The designs of the figures are simple geometric shapes but it is the simplicity of the form that makes the design of the artwork difficult. The design must be credible and must give the message that I want to convey to realize a unique work. Ideas are born day by day. The perspective is not part of my artworks, because the figures are not three-dimensional, but in their simplicity must represent a concept, an idea
Can you describe a day in your life?
My greatest joy is to start the day with the preparations to design the new idea. In fact these new ideas of mine must be unique and must not be repeated. Usually I start drawing immediately, but it can happen that I want to find some suggestions and in this case I look at art or design books. Moreover, if I can dedicate myself only to my art, for me the days are never boring but rather exciting
Could you please share some pearls of wisdom for young designers? What are your suggestions to young, up and coming designers?
In my opinion I think is important: determination, interpretation, inventiveness, good marketing strategy
What skills are most important for a designer?
The most important skills are: creativity, imagination, fantasy, aesthetics, originality
Designing can sometimes be a really time consuming task, how do you manage your time?
Surely for each work that I want to create it takes time to find the idea, draw it on the canvas or sheet of watercolor, paint it. I work so long as I can, with pauses necessary to rest my eyes. I prefer to work as much as possible on the work so as not to lose inspiration
What type of design work do you enjoy the most and why?
I like all my works, on of these that I really like are my watercolor artworks. I consider making in the future jewelry designs
What are your future plans? What is next for you?
Apart from art fairs that I will continue to participate in, there could be new collaborations
Do you work as a team, or do you develop your designs yourself?
No, I don’t work as a team, I develop my design by myself, because my activity is to paint works on canvas or watercolor paper, actually
Do you have any works-in-progress being designed that you would like to talk about?
Yes. Of course. I like so much spring and at the moment I'm painting an oil on canvas that relates to spring
How can people contact you?
People can contact me via e-mail or it's possible also by telephone explaining to me which work they are interested in. I also want to point out that I also paint commissioned works

Extended Interview with Annemarie Ambrosoli

Could you please tell us a bit about your design background and education?
I was fortunate in my young years to be influenced artistically by a relative: The artist Ercole Frigoli, whose work mainly focused on landscapes, introduced me to the technique of oil painting as well as to the love of nature. I attended courses at the Summer Academy of Bruneck (BZ), South Tyrol, Italy in the years 1992/1996 under the guidance of Professors Claus Pack, for the section "landscape" and Reinhard Adlmannseder, for the section "nude, portrait and figure". I attended drawing courses. My first aim was to paint landscapes "en plein air". Nature and landscape were my first models, where the sunlight changes the real colors. A great exercise that served me a long time later when I decided to work in the studio, to create my artworks, that actually are figures, characters wearing colorful dresses, hats, original earrings with interesting hairstyles
What motivates you to design in general, why did you become a designer?
I enjoy very much creating original and unique paintings, which are certainly decorative but they should be used for those who look at them carefully to illuminate his gaze, because they are positive. They tell stories and convey joy and dialogue
Did you choose to become a designer, or you were forced to become one?
I was not forced to become a designer, but it was my desire to become one. I liked to draw a lot and I liked to watch my uncle Ercole Frigoli while he painted. This has been my most important teaching
What do you design, what type of designs do you wish to design more of?
I like to draw stylized figures in a very original composition that belongs to me. The colors are determinated to give a sense of order. This detail is very important. I would like to be involved in the jewelry and clothing industry
What should young designers do to become a design legend like you?
In my opinion I think is important: determination, interpretation, inventiveness, good marketing strategy
What distinguishes between a good designer and a great designer?
I think the good designer does something beautiful, pleasing and interesting, while a great designer manages to create impossible things
What makes a good design a really good design, how do you evaluate good design?
A good design if it is functional or if it gives emotion to the viewer, automatically becomes an excellent design to be kept with care and admiration
What is the value of good design? Why should everyone invest in good design?
Everyone should invest in good design, because it is gratifying to have something special and unique, especially in case of an artwork
What would you design and who would you design for if you had the time?
It's always exciting to design and challenge to create something unique. In my case I paint works of art and ideas are numerous. I wouldn't know for who I would have planned if I had the time, but I would definitely know what to create if someone asked me a project
What is the dream project you haven’t yet had time to realize?
I would like to make a very special jewel, I already have ideas about it
What is your secret recipe of success in design, what is your secret ingredient?
My secret ingredient, in addition to my tenacity and my willpower, is the creation of composition in an original way, the creation of forms that although geometric are not static but live and the last ingredient is the harmony of colors that give life to the composition
Who are some other design masters and legends you get inspired from?
There are many designers that I like and whose projects I admire, but the first one I would nominated and to whom I could be inspired is certainly the genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, who was able to create things impossible to think of
What are your favorite designs by other designers, why do you like them?
The fashion collections by Alessandro Michele is my favorite design. I like them because they have a vintage flavor, in which fashions from the beginning of the 20th century and the 70s and 50s are mixed
What is your greatest design, which aspects of that design makes you think it is great?
One of my work that has really thrilled me and of which I am proud is certainly a big artwork, which was purchased at a fair in Hong Kong, to which I have participated. The title of the work is: " It's snowing". The idea was born on a winter day when it was snowing outside and seeing the big snowflakes fall, the idea was born to draw a window, small and numerous white circles to tell the snow. The very original characters that contemplate from inside the winter landscape are very stylized, very simplified, have particular and original hairstyles, that are only in my immagination and fantasy. The drafting of the color is flat, there are no shadows, but the tones of the colors are all different from each other. This work has been very appreciated by the customer. I currently work on other projects to get ready for the next fair
How could people improve themselves to be better designers, what did you do?
I always questioning myself, reviewing what I have achieved, being critical of myself, but above all I am positive
If you hadn’t become a designer, what would you have done?
I am very passionate about my work as an artist. Impossible to imagine another job. Maybe I could have become a hairdresser for women
How do you define design, what is design for you?
In my opinion design is art, whether it's a painted work of art or a new and original object, anything created that revolves around an idea must bring emotion, it must convey the originality and the idea of beauty that artist or designer wanted to convey
Who helped you to reach these heights, who was your biggest supporter?
My sister Laura is my biggest supporter, she believe in me and in my abilities
What helped you to become a great designer?
My passion for art, my tenacity, my positivity were the ingredients that helped me to become an artist
What were the obstacles you faced before becoming a design master?
Obstacles are everywhere in every profession, they are part of our life. I worked hard and for a long time in my art sector, I searched to understand myself and what I wanted to do and achieve
What’s your next design project, what should we expect from you in future?
I will continue to create works of art, but it is my ambition to create a jewel by my idea
What’s your ultimate goal as a designer?
Never stop creating and painting new works, but also creating art objects based on my ideas, especially in the jewelry and clothing sector
How does design help create a better society?
The beauty of things, whether they are objects or artworks, make our life better if we are able to appreciate them
What is the role of technology when you design?
Currently in my paintings there is no technology because it is a manual work
What is the role of the color, materials and ambient in design?
Color contrasts predominate in my work. To give strength to the painting the tones of colors are spread without shadows. Each shade is not the same even if it is the same color
Who is your ideal design partner? Do you believe in co-design?
Since it's about paintings, my work is manual. It could be that in the future I may have a cooperation for developping other projects
How do you feel about all the awards and recognition you had, is it hard to be famous?
It is pleasant to receive awards. I feel flattered and I understand that my work has been appreciated
What is your favorite color, place, food, season, thing and brand?
Gold and light blue, in my house, strawberries and raspberries, summer, ring and Van Cleef & Arpel
When you were a little child, was it obvious that you would become a great designer?
No, but later when I was a young girl it was clear that I wanted to become an artist
What do you think about future; what do you see will happen in thousand years from now?
It's really hard to answer. Who knows what progress will bring. Obviously there will be certainly changes, emotions and moods of people and the climate will change. I hope it will be a positive and better world
Please tell us anything you wish your fans to know about you, your design and anything else?
I am a serene, happy and positive person. I want to convey to my fans my emotions through my stories that I paint. In the near future I will want to create original objects, probably jewelry

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