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Tangxing No.5 Residential House

Tangxing No.5 Residential House

Interior Design

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Interview with Saiwen Liu

Could you please tell us more about your art and design background? What made you become an artist/designer? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
I was born in a family that worked in design industry. I was the third generation that doing design. I like to draw since I was a little kid.I was graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology majored in architecture design.
Can you tell us more about your company / design studio?
U-Find Design & Consulting is a company that based in China and majored in architectural, interior architecture and lighting design.
What kinds of works do you like designing most?
I do not have preference. I would like to challenge myself in the new design field.
What is your most favorite design, could you please tell more about it?
it was an interior design for a restaurant. It was a restaurant that has Uyghur characteristics. I have used dome that looks just like Uyghur people had in history. On the first floor of this restaurant, the customers can see through the glass and watch the chef baking using the giant clay oven.
What was the first thing you designed for a company?
my very first commissioned project was a hair salon when I was in the university. After that, my first project at work was a conference room.
What is your favorite material / platform / technology?
I personally like the material that are accessible, natural and renewable. Then use my design to give them another meaning.
Which aspects of a design do you focus more during designing?
the using experience for the client. And I always wish to show the culture in an abstract way.
What makes a design successful?
firstly, it should be original. Then is to use modern technology to express the traditional culture spirit. The design should be stand the test of time and fulfill the demands of your client.
From your point of view, what are the responsibilities of a designer for society and environment?
It is possible for the designer to guide their client to choose material that are environmentally friendly and renewable. it is a way that protect the environment.
How do you think the "design field" is evolving? What is the future of design?
Design field include fashion, architecture, industrial and product design.etc. Although the intelligentize has changed a lot of other field, design field still need the involvement of human intelligence.
When was your last exhibition and where was it? And when do you want to hold your next exhibition?
it was in Shenzhen,China at 2018. I wish that I could have chance to hold my exhibition in Italy and London.
Where does the design inspiration for your works come from? How do you feed your creativity? What are your sources of inspirations?
it is really important that find inspiration from the daily life. You can find beauty from the things that we take for granted
Where do you live? Do you feel the cultural heritage of your country affects your designs? What are the pros and cons during designing as a result of living in your country?
China. yes, I do fell that cultural heritage of Chinese culture affect my designs. As for the designer, you should be diverse. it is not enough to know one culture and only.
How do you work with companies?
my design always attract good companies.I would listen to their needs and try my best to make them satisfied.
What are your suggestions to companies for working with a designer? How can companies select a good designer?
the designer should do researches on their finished projects and listen to their demands.
Can you talk a little about your design process?
I will firstly listen to their demand with no judgement . then go to the field to do the research
What are 5 of your favorite design items at home?
my china, painting, calligraphy work, wood carving, and my tableware
Can you describe a day in your life?
I usually arrived my company at 9 in the morning after my breakfast. Before I start to work, I will have a cup of hand-poured coffee. At 11 o'clock, I will spend some time at the indoor garden in my company and have some Chinese tea. Then I have my lunch between 12:00-13:00. At 4pm in the afternoon, I will take a walk by the riverside. After that, I will go back to work until 9pm.
Could you please share some pearls of wisdom for young designers? What are your suggestions to young, up and coming designers?
solid basic skills are always important. and learn to find the beauty from your daily life
From your perspective, what would you say are some positives and negatives of being a designer?
if design is your passion and you like this industry, you will be happy for the whole life. but if you are forced to enter this field, it is hard.
What is your "golden rule" in design?
fulfill the clients needs, and using your own perspective to create a good design
Designing can sometimes be a really time consuming task, how do you manage your time?
When my mind is tucked and I can't give a good solution, I will stop working. I will take a walk, enjoy the outdoors, listen to music, chat with friends, etc to find my inspirarion. There are often unexpected surprises.
How long does it take to design an object from beginning to end?
usually it take a month. but we have some big projects that take 3 years and more.
What was your most important job experience?
my first job when we need to corporate with construction company. it has taught me to get to know the material.
Who are some of your clients?
I have all kinds of clients. that is why I have done the design for the venue, museum, gallery, restaurant and hotel etc.
What are your future plans? What is next for you?
I will just do my best on every projects, and I wish more people can enjoy the good design
Do you have any works-in-progress being designed that you would like to talk about?
I am doing a design for a gallery that take 2800o squared meter. I am trying to think outside of the box

Extended Interview with Saiwen Liu

Could you please tell us a bit about your design background and education?
I was born in a family that worked in design industry. I was the third generation that doing design. I like to draw since I was a little kid.I was graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology majored in architecture design.
What should young designers do to become a design legend like you?
curiosity, it is important that designer can find beauty from daily life.
What distinguishes between a good designer and a great designer?
the way the designer looks the world. the great design can find beauty from the thing that we take for grant
What makes a good design a really good design, how do you evaluate good design?
the originality of the design. the good design should stand the test of time.
What is your secret recipe of success in design, what is your secret ingredient?
do not limit yourself .keep discovering the original source of design
What are your favorite designs by other designers, why do you like them?
St. Mary's Cathedral by Ieoh Ming Pei; a good design can touch the soul
What is your greatest design, which aspects of that design makes you think it is great?
The underground palace of the Wild goose pagoda.The use of colored glaze on ceiling, it has solved the problem that the space is too depressed.
How do you think designers should present their work?
fashion magazine. compare to the professional magazine, fashion magazine tend to attract more people to read.
What’s your next design project, what should we expect from you in future?
I will produce better projects, my next design project id a factory design
How does design help create a better society?
encourage the use of renewable and environmentally friendly material
What do you wish people to ask about your design?
about my design concept And my strong desire for environmental protection
Who is your ideal design partner? Do you believe in co-design?
I do believe in co-design. but I wish the corporation is between different field.
What makes your day great as a designer, how do you motivate yourself?
I am a tea collector. I would like to enjoy a cup of good tea when I am tired

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