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Specialized in Jewelry Design.

Rajashri Parashar

About Rajashri Parashar

Rajashri Parashar is known for her unique jewelry designs and was attracted to the world of jewelry from a very young age. As art was her passion, she naturally gravitated towards capturing her ideas of jewelry in the form of designs. Rajashri makes contemporary designs that are inspired by nature and the objects in the present. Each piece of jewelry is made bespoke to reflect the persona of her clients and is always one of a kind.

  • Winner of the A' Design Award.
  • Specialized in Jewelry Design.
  • Original Design.
  • Creative, Diligent and Innovative.
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  • Jewelry
Ocean Waves Necklace and Earrings set

Ocean Waves Necklace and Earrings set

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Interview with Rajashri Parashar

Could you please tell us more about your art and design background? What made you become an artist/designer? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
Growing up in a family of jewellers, I had a natural attraction towards all aspects of jewelry from a very young age. As art is my passion, I naturally gravitated towards capturing her ideas of jewelry in the form of designs. While I have always focused on design as a career, I take keen interest in the entire value chain of jewelry industry.
Can you tell us more about your company / design studio?
My design studio focuses on contemporary jewelry designs that are inspired by nature and the objects in the present. Each piece of jewelry is made bespoke to reflect the persona of her clients and is always one of a kind. Each design is hand manufactured and goes through stringent quality checks to ensure that my customers experience is super.
What is "design" for you?
For me, design is an art through which I am able to bring to life my imagination. As my designs are made bespoke to reflect the persona of her clients and is always one of a kind, it is important that through design I am able to bring to life the thoughts of my clients.
What kinds of works do you like designing most?
As a bespoke jewelry designer, my main objective is to design to the imagination of my clients. Given the creative freedom, I like contemporary jewelry designs that are inspired by nature and the objects in the present.
What is your most favorite design, could you please tell more about it?
One of my most favorite design is a delicate diamond pendant and earrings that I had designed for my mother. It was the first design that I made after starting my professional career.
What was the first thing you designed for a company?
I started with experimenting in a variety of jewelry like rings, bangles, necklaces.
What is your favorite material / platform / technology?
I specialize in diamond jewelry in gold or platinum. Apart of this, I also like to experiment with other gemstones. I prefer to sketch my designs on paper and then use CAD to convert them to models before manufacturing.
When do you feel the most creative?
I feel most creative when I see the enthusiasm of my clients in describing their imagination of a piece of jewelry that they want to make.
Which aspects of a design do you focus more during designing?
The value of the design is in it's ability to be manufactured and made usable as per the desired customer experience needs. These are the two aspects that I focus on the most during designing.
What kind of emotions do you feel when you design?
For me designing is like meditation. It gives me immense peace of mind and joy when I design.
What kind of emotions do you feel when your designs are realized?
The expression and joy of approval on my clients face is what I yearn for when the design is realized. Their satisfaction on wearing the jewelry boosts my confidence.
What makes a design successful?
A design is successful if it meets the clients desires and can be manufactured and is easy to wear.
When judging a design as good or bad, which aspects do you consider first?
The judgement of of my design is done by my clients. Their acceptance of it and the experience that they perceive from it decides if I have been successful.
From your point of view, what are the responsibilities of a designer for society and environment?
My designs are inspired by nature, hence I believe that it is my responsibility to project this harmony between human beings and nature via my designs.
How do you think the "design field" is evolving? What is the future of design?
It is very heartening to see that many youngsters are choosing design as a area of education and then a career. Simultaneously many educational institutions have now started offering learning programs in design. The acceptance of design as critical aspect of any product creations is indeed very encouraging.
Where does the design inspiration for your works come from? How do you feed your creativity? What are your sources of inspirations?
My design inspiration is derived from nature and the harmony between its elements. Additionally, the satisfaction conveyed by my clients on experiencing their imagination convert into reality keeps me yearning for more.
Could you please share some pearls of wisdom for young designers? What are your suggestions to young, up and coming designers?
My learning from experience is that a designer should continue to demonstrate creative innovation. This requires an ongoing process of learning and observation.
From your perspective, what would you say are some positives and negatives of being a designer?
Being a designer allows me to express myself in a creative way, as well as use my designs to allow a medium for my clients to manifest their imagination. But at the same time, as art is judged based on individual preferences, it is important to be open to variety of feedback.
What skills are most important for a designer?
Ability to imagine and experiment are very important for a designer.
Which tools do you use during design? What is inside your toolbox? Such as software, application, hardware, books, sources of inspiration etc.?
I always initiate my work by sketching on paper. But an inspiration for a design starts while I am listening and observing my clients. I analyze the needs of my customers in great detail using frameworks that I have developed based on my experience. Apart from this, I have a repository of designs that I develop based on my observations from the nature and the surroundings.
Designing can sometimes be a really time consuming task, how do you manage your time?
Other than being time consuming, it also requires one to be in the correct frame of mind that allows uninterrupted creativity. I try to gain inspiration from all aspects of life to ensure that I am in a state of calm to let my creative juices flow. My family has been of great support to give me this space.
How long does it take to design an object from beginning to end?
I usually take a couple of weeks to finalize one design. This includes multiple iteration with the customer to listen to their needs and desires and taking feedback on the drafts.
What is the most frequently asked question to you, as a designer?
Most people have a misunderstanding that bespoke jewelry come with a high price tag. I am usually asked if the price of the jewelry I design is very high. My answer to this question is that a piece of jewelry can always be made to suit every taste and requirements including a budget.
What was your most important job experience?
I have always worked for myself. The most important experience was to understand that learning is an ongoing process and if stopped, will only reduce my relevance.
Who are some of your clients?
My clients are individuals who are passionate and very personal about their jewelry. They visualize a reflection of their persona in the jewelry, hence want it to be bespoke and one of a kind.
What type of design work do you enjoy the most and why?
I like to work to the requirements and imagination of my clients. Their excitement and enthusiasm in participating in the design process is what I enjoy the most.
What are your future plans? What is next for you?
I want to continue to establish myself as a designer and increase the outreach of my studio. Also, in a few years, depending on opportunity, I want to mentor budding designers and give them a platform for them to learn and be successful.
Do you work as a team, or do you develop your designs yourself?
I usually develop my designs first and then collaborate with my CAD experts and manufactures.
How can people contact you?
I can be reached by any medium that is convenient to those who want to contact me. It could be via the social media like Facebook and Twitter or through mobile or email. As necessary, meeting in person is always an option.

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