Privacy Policy

Our Policy is Quite Simple
We don't track you, we don't sell your data.

Privacy Policy

We have a simple policy. We try not to collect any data of Visitors and we try to collect maximum data of Designers that create an account with us. We display the data of Designers as Designer Profiles to website Visitors.

We place a functional cookie to your browser, so that you could login, logout etc. We do not track you in the internet for remarketing or advertising. We do not track individual visitors across the web. We do not sell information of website Visitors but will however pass and transfer all registered users’ information to A’ Design Award which provides us the infrastructure for the Designers.Org as well as provides computing services. Sometimes, we might be required by law in some cases to pass your information to law enforcement.

We will send you emails until you unsubscribe or emails start bouncing.

We collect a lot of data on Designers who create a profile; well because we make profile pages for them and display most data they provide together with their Designs; however, Designers control what they provide, when they provide; but of course, we reserve right to not display any Designer Profiles where there is no information, at our sole discretion; so we collect data on registered Designers to showcase them.

We collect aggregate, non-personalized data for knowing which type of people visit the website (through third-party analytics), but we do not collect data on individual users. We only have a general idea of what type of people that visits Designers.Org but we do not know specifics of any individual. These third-party analytics might collect more data such as device or browser information, again at an aggregate level.

By creating an Account, you further agree to our Terms and Conditions and our Community Guidelines.

Violation / Infringement

Please report any intellectual property and proprietary right violation and infringements
as well as any content that is not socially appropriate.


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