David Grifols

Specialized in Sanitary Ware Design.

David Grifols

About David Grifols

David Grifols and David Roselló are two good friends that decided to found MOS and since the first day, they decided to work with the same passion as they live their lives. Bikes, horses, swimming, triathlon, ski, art, books...we love and enjoy many activities, and that’s important to be creative and innovative. If they didn’t founded MOS, More On Simplicity, probably they would stop working as designers.

  • Winner of 3 A' Design Awards.
  • Specialized in Sanitary Ware Design.
  • Original Design.
  • Creative, Diligent and Innovative.
  • All Designs
  • Sanitary Ware
  • Lighting
  • Packaging
Moon Faucet

Moon Faucet

Sanitary Ware Design

Jal Lamp

Jal Lamp

Lighting Design

Vilajuiga Water Bottle

Vilajuiga Water Bottle

Packaging Design

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Interview with David Grifols

Could you please tell us more about your art and design background? What made you become an artist/designer? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
David Roselló a David Grifols (MOS Founders). We have always had creative minds. we guess we just express it through design. So yes, we guess we always been / wanted to be designers, beside our university backgrounds.
Can you tell us more about your company / design studio?
MOS is relative small (6 members) design studio based in Barcelona, Catalunya. We say relative because we are surrounded by amazing designers / partners and friends who constantly collaborate with us. We mainly focus in product and graphic design.
What is "design" for you?
Design is a good solution to a problem. Can be touchable or visual, or both. Creativity, Innovation, Flexibility, ... are added values that we always are concern about, as we do with the Human Center Design methodology as well.
What is your most favorite design, could you please tell more about it?
The pencil, a stick that allows you to draw. We would be lost without it.
What is your favorite material / platform / technology?
We like to explore materials, platforms, technologies that we are not familiar with. Basically we like to learn.
What makes a design successful?
When all the different parts envolved in the product are satisfied. The client, the user, the designer, sales and recognition (awards).
When judging a design as good or bad, which aspects do you consider first?
An object that can be used without confusion by most of its users. Actually aesthetics come later, as everybody has different taste, cultures, etc.
How do you think the "design field" is evolving? What is the future of design?
In a good way. Before being a designer was any engineer nightmare. Now we are crucial in any product developing. The future is now. We can create amazing things all together for a better life experience.
Where does the design inspiration for your works come from? How do you feed your creativity? What are your sources of inspirations?
Stay aware of everyday actions and just open your eyes an observe, probably is the best inspiration. Finding parallelism with different areas when designing a certain product is also a good creative exercise.
Where do you live? Do you feel the cultural heritage of your country affects your designs? What are the pros and cons during designing as a result of living in your country?
We live in Barcelona (D. Grifols) and Girona (D. Roselló). We are very lucky to live in Catalunya. You can find inspiration everywhere.
How do you work with companies?
Different collaborations. Monthly collaborations, royalties, etc. We do a very personal follow up in all the projects. A good communication is the key.
What are your suggestions to companies for working with a designer? How can companies select a good designer?
Personal follow up and easy human relation. Designers that are not specialized in a determinate fields normally are a lot more creative, the project can take a bit longer to be finished but, the result might be more interesting.
Can you talk a little about your design process?
The process is basically always the same. Study, ux, research, lots of testing, interviews and create.
From your perspective, what would you say are some positives and negatives of being a designer?
Positives: designer is a good observer.Negative: Sometimes too perfectionist.
Designing can sometimes be a really time consuming task, how do you manage your time?
Being organized and respecting the 8h work / pleasure / rest. No matter what, the world will keep on spinning.
What is the most frequently asked question to you, as a designer?
You do lots of things, how do you do that? "Just doing"
Who are some of your clients?
Pharmaceutic companies, Food companies, Home appliances companies, etc.

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